Travelling Fellowship

The AAAPC aims to promote and develop general practice as a creative, cooperative and mutually supportive discipline. In particular the AAAPC encourages the exchange of ideas and supports activities that will support career development within academic primary care. The AAAPC Travelling Fellowship Program is one way in which the Association can fulfil its objectives.

The aims of the Fellowship are to:
  • Assist members of AAAPC to undertake academic activities that involve travel from their usual place of work
  • Enhance Australasian academic primary care including general practice, allied health and nursing in a community setting
  • Foster collaboration between Australasian and international primary care researchers.
    The Travelling Fellowships are available for any purpose likely to meet the stated aims of the program. For example, an applicant may wish to travel to another institution to: initiate or continue a joint research or teaching project; undertake a mutually beneficial critical appraisal of the host department's teaching and research programs; or deliver a teaching or research program in collaboration with the host department.

    Travelling Fellowships are offered at a maximum of $3,000 for a study trip of not less than 2 weeks duration. The funds are available to cover costs of travel to and from the host institution and to contribute towards accommodation costs. Travel must be completed before the end of 2019.

    Applications close 31 January 2019

    Dr Xiaoping Lin, 2018 Recipient

    Monash University

    Visited Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto


    Eligibility criteria

    Applications must:
    • Be current financial members of the AAAPC and have held membership for at least 1 year before applying
    • Be actively involved in primary care research or teaching
    • Have a written letter of offer from the Head of the host institution
    • Have a written letter of support from the Head of their own institution
    • NOT have held an AAAPC Travelling Fellowship for at least 4 years

    Submission process

    Applications must be typewritten in black. Minimum font size 11 point.

    Applications should be submitted to the Secretary of the AAAPC by 31 January 2019.

    Applications will be short-listed and reviewed.

    Applications must include:

    • Contact details
    • Location of proposed study trip
    • Offer of invitation from host institution
    • Letter of support from head of applicant's institution/department
    • Plain language summary of proposed study trip (100-300 words)
    • Itinerary (including day by day account of proposed activities during fellowship, 2 A4 pages maximum, table format preferred)
    • Budget (including travel and accommodation costs)
    • Outcome (in 300 words explain how Fellowship will benefit applicant, applicant's institution and the wider AAAPC community)
    • Curriculum Vitae (no more than 6 pages)
    • Referees (names and contact details for 2 professional referees)

    Assessment process

    Initially applications will be short listed by the Secretary based on criteria relating to eligibility and purpose of trip.

    Short-listed applications will be peer-reviewed by three members of the AAAPC Executive Committee. Applications will be compared on the basis of the purpose of the trip, the track record of the applicant, the applicant's demonstrated commitment to academic primary care and their future potential.

    The Secretary will inform the applicants in writing of the outcome of the review process by late February 2019.

    Past recipients

     2018 Dr Xiaoping Lin
     Monash University
     2017 Prof Meredith Temple-Smith
     University of Melbourne
     2016 Dr Jennifer Walker
     University of Melbourne
     2015 Dr Joel Rhee
     University of New South Wales
     2014 Dr Irene Blackberry
     La Trobe University
     2012 Prof Parker Magin
     University of Newcastle
     2011 Dr Phyllis Lau
     University of Melbourne
     2010 Dr Caroline Laurence
     University of Adelaide
     2009 Dr Julia Walters
     University of Tasmania
     2008 Dr Joel Rhee
     University of New South Wales
     2007 Ms Deb Askew
     University of Queensland
     2006 Ms Petya Fitzpatrick
     Australian National University
     2005 Dr John Furler
     University of Melbourne
     2004 Dr Clare McGuiness
     Australian National University
     2002 Ms Helen Tolhurst
     Ms Donna Southern
     University of Newcastle
     Monash University
     2001 Ms Patty Chondros
     Ms Amanda Barnard
     University of Melbourne
     Australian National University
     2000 Dr Marie Pirotta
     University of Melbourne

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